Disabilities act complaint made against several new St. Charles County apartment complexes

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. — The Equal Housing Opportunity Council filed complaints with HUD Thursday about five newly constructed apartments in St. Louis County and St. Charles County.  They say their year-long investigation found designs that violate the fair housing act for people with disabilities.

“its 2017! I think someone who doesn't recognize that the lack of curb-cuts, or lever doors, and high thresholds, those are very basic accessibility requirements,” said President and CEO of Paraquad Aimee Wehmeier.

Will Jordan, Executive Director of the Equal Housing Opportunity Council says the issues are no curb cuts to sidewalk, inaccessible common use areas and amenities, doors with knobs instead of levers, thermostats placed out of reach, door thresholds too high and through unit and not being able to shut a bathroom door.

“It is poor planning, but its also against the law. And thats why were here today," said Will Jordan.

The five apartments complexes, which we are not naming at this time because they were not contacted about the complaints until late Thursday afternoon, are being asked to make the needed changes as soon as possible.

“Stop using your outdated plans that you have been building with forever. Understand this is not only law its the right thing to keep communities strong,” said Jim Ruedin-Director of Delta Center.

The year long investigation included testers using wheelchairs at the properties.

“It is so frustrating. Number one, it makes it difficult to visit the homes of people when their not accessible," said Delta Center Director Jim Ruedin.

One of the builders did speak with FOX 2. He said he was surprised by the complaint. He added that his complex is built to ADA specs.

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