Mother of Anthony Lamar Smith has issue with some protesters marching in son`s name

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ST. LOUIS - Anthony Lamar Smith's mother is angry with some protesters! She's upset with how some of them are using her son's name. Late Wednesday afternoon, the Smith family stood hand in hand with supporters in front of Busch Stadium to denounce the way some of the protests are being handled.

Smith’s mother believes some protestors are profiting off of her son's death.

There continues to be mounting tension in St. Louis over the case of former St. Louis City police officer Jason Stockley who was accused of murdering Anthony Lamar Smith in 2011. The ex-officer was found not guilty by a St. Louis Judge in September.

Following the ruling, protest erupted in St. Louis and demonstrators continue to voice their concerns.

Wednesday afternoon with red paint on their hands, which they say represented bloodshed, the Smith family along with community leaders marched outside of Busch Stadium.

Anthony Lamar Smith mother says she supports the protest movement however, she believes some of the participants are using her son's name to raise funds without her knowledge and would like them to stop, “I am not talking about all of them, I did not name no names. When they had meetings, we have not been involved,” said Annie Smith.

“The ones that have been collecting money through this jail support need to stop.  They are being investigated and they have been stealing,” said Darvell Smith.

“I'm thinking what they are saying that someone has told them that money has been collected in her son’s name and she has not received anything on it, but the movement it's self we support Anthony Lamar Smith.  We are against the decision the judge made for Jason Stockley.  We are united we are not divided “said Anthony Cage Brisby.

Annie Smith says she will continue to support those demonstrators who are marching in good faith.

However, in the meantime her family will continue to look into any wrong doing.

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