Moviegoers come to Chesterfield officer’s aid during scuffle with unruly patron

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CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – When a Chesterfield police officer was in need of aid at a movie theater, citizens quickly jumped in to help him.

“People went straight to work and helped out the police officer,” said Sgt. Keith Rider, Chesterfield Police Department

According to police, the officer was at the Galaxy 14 on the evening of Saturday, September 30. A man was disturbing other theater patrons and wouldn’t quiet down. The man was told to leave but not cooperating.

“So the officer was trying to escort him out of the building and that’s when he became combative,” Rider said.

Video of the struggle shows table being knocked over and then the suspect wrestling the officer to the ground. At that point, at least seven moviegoers came to assist the officer.

“Very grateful for it,” Rider said. “We know we live in a great community, where we have a positive support from the public for the most the part. It shined through on this.”

No one was seriously injured, Rider said. The citizens put their personal safety on the line for the cop.

The department’s Facebook page was flooded by positive comments after people learned of the officer’s ordeal and people’s willingness to help.

And the officer is very thankful for everyone’s help.

“I know this officer was very grateful for the help because he was a in a tough situation, trying to get this person under control,” Rider said. “Without the citizen help, somebody could have gotten injured in this.”

The officer was working off-duty, making extra money doing security. The suspect’s name hasn’t been released, pending formal charges.