Protesters march outside St. Louis police union in south city

ST. LOUIS – Marchers took their message of protest against the justice system to the Hampton Village Plaza in south St. Louis on Thursday.

“The people united, will never be divided!” protestors chanted.

This protest, originally scheduled for Wednesday, was rescheduled as many protestors were still locked up following the I-64 shutdown on Tuesday.

Over 100 protestors marched the streets of south St. Louis: young and old, politicians and clergy.

“I thought everything went beautiful,” Reverend Renita Marie Green said. “We had a message, we communicated the message.”

Demonstrators were met with counter protesters as they shut down the intersection of Hampton and Bancroft.

Reverend Green said she tried to use the time for dialogue.

“The point that I was communicating is that we are not against police or individuals that serve as policemen, but we’re against the system that does not hold police accountable,” she said.

Protestors then briefly shut down the intersection of Chippewa and Hampton and continued on until they were outside of the office of the St. Louis Police Officers Association.

“There was communicating by the frontline protestors about what the message is and why we’re out here,” she said.

After giving their testimonies, protestors headed back to Hampton Village, still delivering their message loud and clear.

The protest ended around 7 p.m. and police made no arrests. Another protest is scheduled for Friday outside of the National Urban League in Ferguson.