Gun show this weekend in St. Charles

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ST. CHARLES, Mo. – In the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas that claimed the lives of 58 people, there is a backlash against the upcoming Militia Armaments Gun Show in St. Charles.

From Friday through Sunday, the Lamborghini Athletic Center near the St. Charles riverfront will be filled thousands of weapons for sale.

People had been stealing and vandalizing yard signs promoting the event, organizers told Fox2/News11 Thursday.

“We’ve had a lot of people…pulling down our signs. They’re bragging about it,” said Alexandra Salsman, Militia Armaments Gun Shows.

One post on the Militia Armaments Gun Shows Facebook page boasts the yard sign at I-270 and Ladue Road is now, “in my car…because…nope.”

Gun show organizers still expect between 2,000 and 3,000 visitors, with close 100 vendors and 400 tables full of guns, including military-style rifles and ammunition.

The organizers were deeply saddened by the horror in Las Vegas and the “war-time” sound of machine gun fire with no armies, just people being mowed down at a musical festival.

Still suggesting events like theirs in any way contributed to such a tragedy was an absolutely false narrative, they said.

“The weapon of choice is not the issue. I really think there’s a mental health issue we could look at. There is an individual issue. We don’t blame pens for misspelling words. We don’t blame forks for making people fat. You don’t blame guns for crime. It’s the people,” Salsman said. “The country is very divided. The Second Amendment is a very controversial issue, [but] there’s nothing about a gun free zone or any kind of restrictions on five rounds of ammo are okay, but six rounds and now you’re considered a terrorist. None of that makes any sense because the only people that follow laws are law abiding citizens. Murder is already illegal.”

Of the hundreds of signs posted in the area, it appeared only a handful had been stolen or vandalized, she said.