Delivery package thieves have Tower Grove East neighborhood riled

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ST. LOUIS – Several residents in the Tower Grove East neighborhood are fed up with what they said are thieves stealing packages delivered on their front porches.

On Wednesday, a homeowner residing in the 2300 block of Tennessee Avenue posted surveillance pictures of a person attempting to steal a delivered package left on the front porch on a neighborhood Facebook community page.

According to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, someone called around 9:30 a.m. to report an African-American man took a box from the porch, threw it in the alley, and fled eastbound on Sidney Street from Louisiana Avenue.

The suspect was described as wearing a blue hat, purple shirt, grey jacket, jeans with white stitching on the back pockets, and white tennis shoes.

“You shouldn’t take things from people who work so hard,” said Eunisha Emerson.

Emerson, who lives in Sidney Street, said that a very similar incident happened to her; not once, but twice this year.

“The guy just drove down the street, drove back up on the street, pulled into the alley; I saw a white car,” she said. “I go and look and it says, ‘Package has been delivered.’ I didn’t see any packages.”

Since the thefts, Emerson now has a sign posted with specific delivery instructions. She also has some advice.

“Get a camera,” she said, pointing to a camera inside her doorbell.

Charles Robinson said that he can relate to the frustration of some of his neighbors.

“We had a package come for my daughter, we called and tracked it they said they delivered it but someone must have taken it,” Robinson said. “I paid $119 for the dress but somebody stole it, so now we are out $119 and we can’t get our dress back.”

Residents said that while they try to look out for one another, enough is enough.

“I know that our police force is very busy but this is important too,” said Emerson.

Police continue their investigation into Wednesday’s incident.