St. Louis alderwoman proposes new bill to define lawful protest

ST. LOUIS – With protest continuing over the Jason Stockley verdict, Alderwoman Megan Green says right now it is up to the police to decide when an assembly is unlawful or not.

So, she is proposing a bill to change that.

St. Louis city Alderwoman Megan Green says in the past few years and in the wake of the Jason Stockey verdict it has become clear to her that the city`s unlawful assemble ordinance is too vague.

Green is proposing a bill to repeal the current ordinance and replace it with one that clearly defines what an unlawful assembly is.

Green drafted the language with the ACLU of Missouri, say they modeled the ordinance off a bill in Washington, D.C.

The bill also outlines when chemical agents can be used, including things like adequate notice has to be given with audible instruction and a clear pathway to disperse.

The first reading on this bill will be at a board of alderman meeting on Friday.

Fox 2 reached out to the police department for comment, but they said they have not seen the bill, and will check with the police chief.