Arson investigation underway on the home of a Wellston councilwoman

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WELLSTON, MO - Wellston Councilwoman Linda Garner says she is lucky to be alive. She said someone intentionally set her house on fire just before 2 a.m. Monday.  A fire official with the Mid-County Fire Protection District said a firefighter did smell gasoline when he arrived and located two spots near the back of the house where it appeared fires were started.

“Some type of object, a fiery object, was thrown through my kitchen window but it didn’t break the inner window panes,” said Garner.

She said smoke was filling her house and she saw flames in the back which forced her out the front door.

“Went to turn on the water hose to try and stop the fire and I had no water.  I had no water in the entire house which I thought was strange that at the same time as a fire, there’s no water,” said Garner.

There was a water pipe that ruptured nearby.

Garner has been at the center of controversy.  She has questioned the city’s finances and has found herself impeached and then reinstated.  She has also filed a lawsuit against the city.

“I’m just very upset right now,” said Garner.

She said she can stay somewhere else if necessary.

“I’m still in shock to be quite honest with you,” said Garner.  “I’m trying to do what I can to solve this.”