Customers line up to bid farewell to Lubeley’s Bakery

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO - It is the end of an era for Lubeley’s Bakery in Marlborough.  The 2nd generation of owners are retiring after the business had an 80-year run.  Saturday was the last day of business.  There were hugs and tears shared between workers and customers.

“It’s bitter sweet,” said Susan Lubeley Suardi, owner.

She said the decision to retire will allow her family to enjoy the holidays.  The holidays have been the busiest time of year for the bakery.

“We’re one of the last full line bakeries, German bakery, in St. Louis,” said Susan Lubeley Suardi, owner. “When my parents opened there were over 100 bakeries in St. Louis and now there are very few and even a smaller handful that are actually family owned.”

The line of customers waiting for baked goods stretched outside the door at times Saturday.  Some customers tried to convince the owners to change their mind.

“We get a lot of please, please, please on the phone,” said Lubeley Suardi.  “We had to stop taking orders and they’re like we just want one more like my wedding cake or my dad’s favorite or can you ship me 20 gooey butters.”

Karen Fitzgerald had her wedding cake made at Lubeley’s.  She and her husband stood in a long line for one more chance to take home some baked goods from a business that’s been a special part of their lives.

“The neighborhood is going to miss it and the people who are here are a testament to the quality of the food and the camaraderie,” said Fitzgerald.

Some customers left notes of appreciation and signed thank you cards.

“Sharing their memories and stories and how much our product has meant to them during their family times, good times and bad, it’s been very, very nice,” said Lubeley Suardi.

She said the secret to the long run of success was the result of maintaining quality and sticking to family recipes for decades.  The owners hope customers will maintain fond memories long after Lubeley’s is gone.