Tools for Teachers: Ferguson Florissant Kindergarten Teacher wins $500

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - "I am a retired principal.  The teacher that I am nominating I have never had the opportunity to work within her immediate teaching environment. Yet, I have observed her work ethics on several different occasions. Students have a natural curiosity and as a teacher Michelle has displayed the ability over and over again to motivate her students through their energetic and enthusiastic actions and attitudes. Michelle provides an environment that is conducive to increasing student learning. It is amazing how creative she is . Michelle really needs to open a craft shop. Michelle has an autistic son and she continues her teaching and learning skills within her home. I have seen her son come from a non scoring academic level to a level that exceeds his age range; due to his mother's ability to nurture and teach him.

There are many irons in Michelle's fire and yet she refuse to allow that to stop her from giving her students her very best everyday; (e.g. her mother had to move into their home while battling cancer. Her husband, who is an educational administrator had to stop work for a period of time due to illness. Michelle has another son and still  Michelle continues to make sure his days function within a normal daily routine.)

I was born with the misconception that different races of people should not mix; but through my education and years of experience I HAVE FOUND THIS TO BE SO UNTRUE. I am beyond proud to say that Michelle Calhoun is my daughter-in-aw and should and have always been 'TEACHER OF THE DAY AND SHOULD BE RECOGNIZED AS TEACHER OF THE YEAR."

If you would like to nominate a local teacher go to

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