St. Charles County exec hopes for collaborative effort with city, county to bring Amazon headquarters

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. - Ever since Amazon announced it would be opening a new headquarters somewhere in the U.S., dozens of cities have been trying to highlight why one of Americas fastest growing companies would be best in their town.

In St. Louis area alone, from as near as downtown to as far as Lake St. Louis. St. Charles County Exec Steve Ehlmann said it’s an opportunity everyone wants their hands on.

“People may say it’s a long shot and it may be, but we can’t afford to not at least try,” Ehlmann said.

With vacant lots like the Old Chrysler plant in Fenton and the AT&T campus in downtown St. Louis, Ehlmann believes there’s a considerable number of sites that would be of interest to Amazon in the city and county.

“All of them have some strengths,” he said. “Almost all of them have some severe weaknesses. That’s why it’s important what kind of weight we’re going to give to this various criteria.”

Distance to public transit and the crime rate are just two of the factor the county exec says Amazon is considering.

So with a deadline of first submissions vastly approaching, Elhmann suggested city and county leaders put their heads together to come up with a plan that could benefit both.

“If we are going to have a chance on this one, I think we need to make sure that everybody is behind a really good project,” he said.

The county exec is hoping eventually Missouri Governor Eric Greitens will call a special session to come up with a plan of how legislators could help.

But for now, Elhmann is hoping to get past the first hurdle.

“We’re going to make a great effort as a region,” he said. “I think we have a lot to offer as a region and we’ll see how it works out.”

We’ll keep you all updated on what location city and county leaders pick and the next steps in this fight to bring Amazon to the St. Louis area.

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