Parkway student faces discipline after unloaded firearm discovered at football game

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CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – A 13-year-old could face suspension and even expulsion for bringing an unloaded firearm to a high school football game.

The student attends Central Middle School in the Parkway School District. The incident happened the evening of Friday, September 22.

Chesterfield Police Sargent Keith Rider said it was unclear how the teen obtained the .380 Guder pistol.

Thanks to an alert classmate, Rider said district leaders and police were made aware that the teen was carrying a firearm on school premises.

“We’re very happy the student had the courage to go tell a teacher about this,” Rider said. “Apparently [the middle school student] had been talking about it around other students. And one of the students informed a teacher, who in turn let the police officer know.”

Police working security at the event approached the middle school student and asked if he had a weapon with him. The teen said he did and turned over the unloaded gun, police said.

The Parkway School District sent a letter to Central High and Central Middle School families, alerting them about the matter and reminding them about the district’s policy prohibiting weapons on school property.

“This was a serious violation and will be treated as such,” the letter said.

The letter was signed by the principals of both schools.

The letter also emphasized a point made by Chesterfield police: for students to say something if they see something, as was the case in this matter.

“Please take a moment and reiterate to your student the importance of communicating with an adult when they see something that is cause for concern,” the letter states.

The student was released to his parents and will appear in St. Louis County Family Court, police said.

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