Some Sullivan parents in fear of student safety at busy school bus intersection

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SULLIVAN, Mo. – “Ever since school started about three months now, we’ve been having problems with the bus driver at this intersection,” said parent Tasha Smith.

Smith, a mother of two, is referring to the intersection of East Euclid and North Center in Sullivan, Missouri. She said her children are supposed to be picked up alongside Euclid in order to stop traffic, but that rarely happens.

“The bus driver stopping at the stop sign and then moving forth, several students have almost got hit by bus,” she said.

Smith claims the problems have gotten so bad – she decided to pull out her cell phone and grab it on video.

In the footage, you see the school bus stopping to pick up a few kids then moving forward and stopping in the middle of the intersection to pick up the others.

Smith said she believes it shows the bus driver putting the students in danger.

“They speed down this road constantly,” she said. “I go to pull out of my driveway and I’ve almost got hit pulling out of my driveway because people two cars were drag racing up the road.”

When Fox 2/KPLR 11 reached out to the Sullivan schools transportation department for a comment, we were referred to Superintendent Dr. Thomas Allen. No one answered the call in his office.

Smith and her sister, Sierra Encloe, said they hope something is done before a student is hurt.

“What does it take one of the kids to get hit by a bus or car for them to fix it,” Encloe said.

“Something needs to be done about this,” Smith said. “I don’t understand what I have left to do! I contacted all the proper authorities to do something about this and something needs to be done.”