Conditions in Puerto Rico abysmal from those trapped on the island

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Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico a week ago, but about 97 percent of the island’s 3.4 million residents are still without power and half don’t have running water.

According to a local St. Louis woman who is living in Puerto Rico, people have been waiting in line for 16 hours to get gas, grocery stores are running low on food, and banks will only let people withdraw $60. Lines there are miles long.

Dr. Madelyn Stazzone’s lived in Chesterfield, but her parents were from Puerto Rico and a lot of her extended family still lives on the island. She said people are getting frantic. Many of them have not had access to food or water for days.

Stazzone said there are dead animals throughout the streets and one cemetery has turned into a swamp.

“There are about 500 remains that are floating in the water. My baby sister is buried there, my parents are buried there, my aunts and uncles are buried there, and we have not heard from most of our family at this point,” she said.

There are crates of water at the island, but the local government is having a problem getting them distributed.

President Donald Trump is expected to visit Puerto Rico on Tuesday.