Sen. Bernie Sanders delivers foreign policy speech at Westminster College

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FULTON, Mo. – U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders received an honorary doctoral degree from Westminster College in Fulton before delivering an hour-long foreign policy speech.

“Not only do we need to begin a more vigorous debate about foreign policy, but we also need a better understanding of what foreign policy is,” Sanders said.

The former presidential candidate said foreign policy is directly related to military policy, citing 7,000 deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan in wars he voted against. Sanders said American interventionism has caused too many unintended problems.

“Politicians can give a speech about how bad a dictator is or regime is and we're going to go in and clean it up,” he said. “But history tells us 20 years later or 10 years later, the results are not clear.”

The senator added that the United States cannot speak with the moral authority that the world needs unless we are living that way at home and he chose to use the Jason Stockley case as an example.

“As we saw clearly in St. Louis this past week, we need serious reform in policing and criminal justice system, so that every person’s life is equally valued,” Sanders said.

The senator said the United Nations must be reformed and is vital to world peace. He said North Korea was the worst regime in the world, but should be dealt with using sanctions.

Sanders’ visit is a part of the Green Foundation Lectureship, which has seen many world leaders visit Westminster to deliver significant addresses. It was during the 1946 lecture series that Sir Winston Churchill delivered his famed “Iron Curtain” speech.

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