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KKK flyer circulating around Alton a hoax, police say

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ALTON, Ill. – The Alton Police Department is investigating an incident in which a post circulating on social media says the Ku Klux Klan will hold a rally at a popular fast food place in the area.

After talking with police, they say it’s all a disgusting hoax.

Police say the racist literature is a hoax being passed around of Facebook and want residents to know they’re safe. Police want to send a strong warning for whoever is doing it to stop.

The flyer urges people to join the Klux Klux Klan. Investigators suspect the flyers promoting the fake KKK meeting were aimed at creating fear and anger towards Fast Eddie's Bon-Air.

"What somebody did, they had way too much time on their hands in their mom's basement,” said Alton Police Chief Jason Simmons. “They printed out the flyer and changed the wording on the top and put ‘Alton, Illinois’ and put the local business as a meeting place.”

The post has close to 2,000 views and reactions on social media, which has resulted in numerous threats of retaliation toward the restaurant owner.

“This community, as far back in its history, has always stood equal rights and equal education, so this is not the right city to try to do this in,” said Mayor Brant Walker. “It’s never worked in this community and it's not going to start now."

Chief Simmons says hatred and bigotry have no place in Alton.

"We will not tolerate these acts to try and provoke violence,” he said. “Alton is a great community and we are making great strides so everybody can live together."

The note advertised is for an upcoming white supremacist meeting stating the meeting would take place at Fast Eddie’s derived from an actual piece of KKK literature being passed around South Carolina earlier this year.

Police say they will continue to investigate where the flyer originated. Police say the owner would never support something like this.

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