St. Louisans pull together to support Delmar Loop businesses and police officers

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ST. LOUIS – As parts of t. Louis pick up the pieces after the weekend`s unrest, a number of people are showing up to help out.

Patrick Clark shows us some of the ways residents are trying to lend a hand.

While a drummer kept time in the Delmar Loop Monday morning, the cleanup continued for business owners and neighbors.

That`s the reason Adell Blackmon the 3rd, painted the boarded up on Go STL storefront Sunday.

In the midday Monday heat, zip ties were put in place on trash and recycling cans in advance of an evening protest.

While some were busy boarding up windows, others were still talking about the response after the weekend vandalism.

Meanwhile, in south St. Louis a steady stream of supplies arrived near Hampton and Chippewa.

Showing their support of the officers serving their city, volunteers dropped off snacks and supplies as a way of saying thank you, even St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger dropped off a personal check for $1,000.