Pictures: University City residents clean up after protests

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UNIVERSITY CITY, MO – Police say approximately 450 protesters took to the streets of Delmar at Kingsland for a peaceful protest of the Jason Stockley verdict.

The University City Police Department say the Saturday night protest started out peaceful with police providing traffic control along Delmar Blvd.

This peaceful protest continued east on Delmar to Skinker Blvd. and then traveled south on Skinker to Forest Park Expressway. At this location, the St. Louis City Police Department assisted the group with traffic control to travel east on Forest Park Expressway.

Subsequently, the group returned west on Delmar from Skinker.

Police say a smaller group of about 75+ individuals continued to gather, disregarding the police request to disperse. This group once again started traveling east on Delmar disrupting traffic.

The group increased numbers to approximately 150+ individuals and they began to throw rocks and water bottles at officers who were not in riot gear and were assigned to a traffic post.

The aggressive and disruptive group made their way to Leland and Delmar while throwing rocks and other items at officers. The officers attempted to disengage from the group, but the group refused to let the officers leave and make it to their vehicles in a safe manner.

The crowd became more violent when several individuals began throwing bricks, water bottles filled with paint thinner, gasoline, and balloons filled with a red liquid substance. This red substance was similar to the substance used in the incident that occurred on September 15th, 2017 in the Central West End.

The crowd began to break windows of several businesses on Delmar

Additional units from the St. Louis County Police Department, St. Louis City Police Department, and surrounding municipalities responded to assist in the dispersal of the violent crowd. With the additional assistance, the crowd was able to be dispersed at Skinker and Delmar.

During this demobilization, several officers suffered minor injuries from the thrown objects.

Approximately 23 businesses along Delmar Blvd were vandalized, more than 5 police vehicles were vandalized, and approximately 10 subjects were arrested and taken into custody.

No police officers or civilians suffered any serious injuries.

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