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Waterfowl hunters looking to get in on some early season action should turn their attention to teal. Hunting season for teal opened this past weekend and runs until September 24 of the month. Wildlife biologist Jessi Tapp visits KPLR 11 News at Noon to discuss teal hunting.

Q. Tell us a little about these ducks for those who might not be familiar with them.
• Blue-winged teal are second only to mallards as the most numerous duck in North America
• They’re among the earliest ducks to migrate south during fall and the latest to head north during spring
• Some of them migrate all the way to South America
• They stay in Missouri a relatively short time

Q. What are some of the specifics of teal season?
• Hunters can blue-winged teal, green-winged teal, and cinnamon teal
• Northern shoveler, northern pintail, and wood ducks have similarly-colored plumage but are illegal to hunt during this season
• As with any duck hunting, know your birds and make positive IDs
• Shooting hours are from sunrise to sunset
• Daily bag limit is 6 and total possession limit is 18
• Limits are a combined total of all teal species
• Hunters must possess a valid permit

Q. How can hunters learn to identify the birds?
• Online ID guide can be found at
• Search 'Waterfowl ID'

Q. Where are some areas near St. Louis for hunters to pursue hunt teal?
• B. K. Leach in Lincoln County
• Columbia Bottom in St. Louis County
• Marais Temps Clair in St. Charles County
• Ted Shanks Conservation Area in Pike County
• Plus a number of other areas around the state

Q. How has teal hunting been so far and any advice for hunters?
• Teal stay in Missouri a relatively short time, so the best hunting usually occurs when cold fronts bring winds favorable for migration
• We haven’t seen many birds yet in the St Louis region. Most are probably still up north, so keep an eye on the weather.

Teal Hunting Season
Now through Sept. 24
Find out more at

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