St. Ann residents surprised over sightings of foxes with mange

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ST. ANN, MO – Some residents in a St. Ann neighborhood have reported seeing several foxes in recent days.  Some of them appear to have mange.  We spotted a fox cub roaming an area on Industrial Drive Tuesday night.

“It was a shock,” said Shawn Robinson.  He works at a nearby school bus lot.

“I’m driving a bus and we hear over the radio, there’s a fox in the yard,” he said.

St. Ann is sharing information about the sightings on its Neighborhood Watch Facebook Page.   It reports a den of foxes was displaced from a garage near St. Charles Rock Road and Little Flower Lane.  Residents have been told the mange will not spread to neighborhood pets unless there is extended contact with the fox.

Experts say the fox should not be a danger to humans unless it is rabid or cornered.  We talked with several residents who said they’ve seen foxes in the area.

“We heard this crazy loud noise one night,” said St. Ann resident Dave Wilson.   He said the loud noise turned out to be a neighborhood cat swatting its paws at the site of the fox.

“The fox took off,” said Wilson.

A trap has been set and when the foxes are caught they will be treated for mange and then relocated to a Missouri Conservation area.