Hot Rods stop at Gateway Motorsports Park

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MADISON, IL - Its man versus machine at Gateway Motorsports Park, locked in a battle of endurance and oil changes, some classic cars stopped through for the day.

“It`s called Hot Rod Drag Week and what it is, is five drag races at five different tracks in five days,” says John Viscia, Director Public Relations Gateway Motorsports Park.

“I actually drove this car from Canada,” says Ed Hohenberg, Manitoba Canada Contestant.  “So, I drove 1,800 miles to start the race because I didn`t have a trailer.”

“Drag week is an absolute endurance for man and machine,” says Richard Guido, Drag Racer.  “Its five races in five days and you have to drive your car from track to track you can`t put it on a trailer.”

Yes, hot rod drag strip race car, is also one and the same when it comes to transporting the driver to the next race.

The only thing that`s changed are the tires.

Kicking off in the Quad Cities Monday, almost 400 drivers dragged their dragsters to this strip in Madison, Illinois Tuesday morning.

“Then Monday yesterday we had to make a pass, hand in a time slip and when you hand that in they give you directions to get you to the next track,” says Guido.

“While you`re spinning and making all that smoke, it cleans off the rear tires and heats up the rubber to make it stick better to the track,” says Vicia.

Tuesday afternoon after the race times were over drivers packed up to head towards northern Illinois, Wisconsin and the final race in Cordova, Illinois.

“The only thing you can really win is a coat that most people can`t wear because it`s too hot for them,” says Richard Guido, Manitoba Canada Contestant.  “It`s somewhat about the struggle of man versus machine.  It`s brutal on some of these cars.”