Health department says more needs to be done to help Clinton Peabody residents overrun by mice

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ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Health Department is looking into complaints of mice infestation at theClinton Peabody Public housing complex just south of downtown.  The St. Louis Housing Authority admitted there’s a big problem at 7 of the 31 buildings. Some of those residents have filed for complaints with the health department.

I talked to a manager at the health department who told me they're looking into the complaints.  She said six have been filed so far but they believe there are many others having the problem that just haven't formally complained.

We asked about the housing authority plan to bring in six feral cats to help solve the problem.  The health department answered that the jury was still out on that.  Residents we talked to say they've been dealing with the problem for a couple of years.  The housing authority says the problem got bad within the past few months.

The health department says it's going to work with the housing authority to address the problem.