Enterprise able to relocate car fleet ahead of hurricanes, use vehicles in recovery effort

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ST. LOUIS – The largest car rental company in the world, St. Louis-based Enterprise Holdings, has been instrumental in helping out people effected by the hurricanes.

The devastation caused by hurricanes Harvey and Irma has been incredible, with each storm affecting transportation across a large region, respectively. But that’s where a company like Enterprise comes into play.

“In Houston, for example, we roughly estimated about 17,000 vehicles that we were going to need to start coming to state of Texas,” said Lisa Martini, senior corporate communications manager for Enterprise.

Having 1.2 million cars in their fleet and 6,400 locations allows Enterprise to stage cars before a storm and bring them in as needed, working with several local agencies.

“That’s FEMA, GSA, state of Texas,” Martini said. “That’s the first step of the emergency action plan.”

Enterprise does work to get as many cars out of harm’s way, but they can’t move them all.

“We are going to lose vehicles,” she said. “I think we are estimating about 3,000 in Houston.”

They will lose more cars in Florida, but it’s too early to guess how many.

“What we’re going to see in days ahead—and seeing now—is insurance adjusters going in and adjusting and dealing with claims,” she said.

Enterprise Holdings, which typically gives $1 million annually to the American Red Cross, last week donated another million dollars to the cause for storm relief.