St. Louis metro area residents are providing support and aid to Harvey flood victims

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ST. LOUIS – Help and hope from the St. Louis region is flooding into Houston and south Texas.

In New Baden, Illinois, a relief effort for a woman forced to leave her home in Texas has grown to a major donation drive in her hometown.

One woman stopped by to donate a laundry basket full of clean towels.

"It's humanity you need to do the right thing," said Angela VanHorn. "I would hope someone would help me in my time of need," she said.

The goal is to stock the trailer with all kinds of packaged items. You can find more information about it here.

Meanwhile, the Missouri Humane Society is on the road with two trailers to help rescue and reunite lost pets with their owners.

While help is still rolling in from all across the country, a number of first responders were activated in anticipation of the Hurricane Harvey.

St. Louis County Police Officer Ed Schlueter was deployed with the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve. He's stationed in Corpus Christi for as long as is necessary to repair Coast Guard stations that were damaged by high winds as Hurricane Harvey hit landfall as a Category 4 hurricane.

"Down here we have people that have nothing," said Officer Ed Schlueter. "They're complete house is scattered across a field, where do you even start?"

As Missouri Task Force One continues its water rescues in Houston, we're seeing images that reflect what some say is the true character of our country, not the hate ridden tensions we've seen most recently in Charlottesville, Virginia.

"I think like everyone in this country right now, we're tired of seeing it ripped apart, from each other, then all of a sudden Mother Nature is tearing at us. " said one of the men helping organize Stock the Trailer, Jim Keleman.

He said right now, people need to put politics aside and focus on what's important, "helping fellow Americans no matter the side of politics they're in, their color, none of that. They're all Americans and we're just tired of seeing the suffering," he added.​