St. Louis family rescued in Texas after moving to Galveston last week

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ST. LOUIS – For St. Louis University Senior and Houston native, Cavin Reilly, it's difficult seeing the devastation in Texas and Louisiana brought on by Hurricane and Tropical Storm Harvey from afar.

"It's pretty rough.  I want to be there with my family, I want to be helping my dad he's been doing it all by himself with the help of my cousins and we're really a tight knit family so it's hard not being with them" she said.  "I'm just glad my mom is here with me to we're kind of leaning on each other’s shoulders this week"

Her home just west of Houston was fine until Tuesday night, when flood waters started rushing in.  Forcing her dad to evacuate.

"Our house has been fine until last night water finally got into it and it's not even due to the rain it's due to the bayous surrounding us that flooded our house" she said.

Wednesday afternoon, SLU held a prayer vigil for families like Reilly's and others impacted by the devastation along the coast.

"Prayer's an important part of what we do and so a moment to stop and reflect and to be together in solidarity around our faith and around our values is important" said SLU Vice President of Student Affairs.

Jeff Diggs and Charlie Daniels have lived in Soulard for decades but they relocated to Galveston on Friday to close on a new home and start a new life.

They never made it to that house, stopping in Port Arthur Friday afternoon until the storm could pass.  They thought they were okay until last night.

"We were on the first floor of a motel there and the next thing you know the water just starts gushing through the doorway and it was an emergency situation we had to get everybody out two cats, a dog and us and we went to the second floor and the water just kept rising overnight" said Diggs.

They lost two cars and a number of personal items but were grateful to be rescued this afternoon from their sinking motel by volunteers.

​"The important part is our pets are safe, we're safe and actually I feel safe now- I did not feel safe until we got well water rescued" Diggs said.