Scott Air Force Base is aiding in military response for flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey

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SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE – There has been a big outpouring of support locally to help those affected by the flooding in Texas caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Fox 2's Chris Higgins went to Scott Air Force Base to show what the U.S. military is doing to aid in flood relief in Texas.

Scott Air Force Base is responding to Harvey on several fronts.

The base is home to Air Mobility Command which coordinates all military transportation globally, and that's where they are juggling the huge logistical puzzle that gets the troops and equipment down to the disaster zone.

Some of those troops Wednesday came from Scott Air Force Base.

When a C-17 from McGuire AFB touchdown just before 7 pm, it signaled the start of the air force medical response to Harvey from Scott Air Force Base.

Crews spent the day staging equipment and supplies getting them ready to move down to the disaster zone.  Airmen carefully packed the pallets full of thousands of pounds of gear, then loaded the pallets onto the plane.

Nearby, a team of nurses and aeromedical technicians of the 375th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron packed up and climbed aboard.

The team was first notified they may be heading south only 24 hours ago.

Their job when the get there is to stabilize patients, move them out of harm’s way and get them on board the proper flights that will take them to the medical care they need.  It is a mission these airmen are anxious to get started.