Missouri representatives Facebook post calls for suspects that vandalized a Confederate statue to be hung

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Wednesday a Facebook post by Missouri Representative Warren Love, (R)-Osceola seems to be calling for two persons suspected of vandalizing Confederate statue in a Springfield MO National Cemetery to be, “This is totally against the law,” Love wrote. “I hope they are found & hung from a tall tree with a long rope.”

Love represents the 125th District in western Missouri.

Statement from Rep. Warrren Love:

I wrote this as an exclamation on another post; “Most of you that know me know that I say a lot of Cowboy Say’n. What I almost wrote at first was and old say’n my Granddaddy used to say; ” whoever did that should’ve had their Bag  Split and their Leg run through it”. However what I said was a stupid remark and I am Sorry to everyone that it offends.”

It appears that several people have interpreted a post I made about a penalty for Vandalizing an Object of Remembrance in a National Veterans Cemetery to be rather harsh and inciting violence. I did not mean it that way and was only using and old Cowboy Statement that is a western custom of a penalty for Thieves that steal Cattle & Horses. To all who this post offended I am very sorry. However I do believe it is very serious when a Cemetery or Object of remembrance is desecrated or vandalized and the penalty needs to be increased from a misdemeanor to a felony.

Missouri Democratic Party Statement on State Representative Warren Love:

“This is a call for lynching by a sitting State Representative. Calls for political violence are unacceptable. He needs to resign.”