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St. Louis City Facebook satire page roasts area towns

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ST. LOUIS — A Facebook parody account that calls itself “The City of St. Louis” has started to roast other municipalities in the area. The posts are intended to be funny and a lot of fans are replying to the status updates with mixed reactions. There are a lot of readers who both love and hate the posts.

“I personally don’t find it appropriate for quasi-official city FB page to post this kind of trash talking about another municipality,” writes Facebook fan Jim Lyle.

“The City of St. Louis” isn’t an official Facebook page for the Gateway to the West. It clearly states in the “about section” that the page that the page is satire. That could be hard to connect for someone who doesn’t wade through the page’s various tabs. The parody page uses the official seal for the city of St. Louis as their profile pic.

Lyle’s reaction was to this Facebook post:

“O’Fallon, Missouri: A quiet town that no one has ever heard of. Full of jeeps and lifted trucks that never get taken off road, rednecks who listen to rap, house wives who drive suburbans, tahoes, diesel trucks, and other large vehicles. Everyone is on probation for domestic abuse and hangs out at boat ramps or Walmart. There is a reason you will not see a sign for O’Fallon Missouri on a highway in our city. Avoid this place at all cost.”

Many of the page’s over 95,000 fans are liking and sharing the page’s salty posts. Some of them are responding with comments that praise the new Facebook tactic.

“Normally I enjoy your posts. This one, however, has touched a nerve: You failed to mention Explorers. Ford: Represent. Now gotta make a Walmart run,” writes Kathy Wallace Iffrig.

The official city of St. Louis’ government Facebook page, by comparison, has nearly 4,000 fans. They also use the city’s official seal as their profile pic. Posts from the parody account are nearly indistinguishable from the official account.

The official account posted this pic on August 25:


Want to see more posts from the parody page? Here are a few of “The City of St. Louis” status updates attacking other area towns: