Cahokia family questions bus company after 5-year-old gets off school bus at the wrong stop

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CAHOKIA, IL – The minutes seemed like hours, the hours like days for Joslyne Jones after her five-year-old daughter didn't get off the school bus Tuesday afternoon.

"The more and more, the longer and longer time went by, I know my child so I knew she wasn't getting off the bus" she said.

"We as parents send our kids to school with trust in our hearts-you know-trust that they're going to get to and from school" she said.

Jones' daughter is a kindergarten student at Maplewood Elementary School in Cahokia and while it wasn't her first day of school, it was her first day riding a new bus route.

"For me to receive a call that my daughter did not get off the bus and for me to call and 'yall' steady telling me well we don't know where she is... we don't know where she got off at...  nobody can find her... like nobody should go through that" Jones said.

After about three hours and with the help of the Cahokia Police Department, Jones' daughter was found at the home of another student and it was determined that she had gotten off at the wrong bus stop.

Superintendent Art Ryan tells Fox 2 that district protocols were followed and that the girl was placed on the right bus and on the right route.  However, she didn't get off at the stop where her parents were waiting for her.

"You should know every kid that gets on and off your bus...but without bus aides and any type of organization on the bus, it's going to continue to happen. Continue to happen and it's sad." Jones said.

Jones believes the school district and the bus company could have done more to make sure her daughter was where needed to be and when.  She hopes this will help the district revisit their protocols and procedures, but in the meantime, she has advice for other parents.

"I just advise them to get to know their bus drivers, talk to their kids, make sure their kids know, this is where you get off at" she said.

Superintendent Ryan tells Fox 2 that the principal of the school will be riding bus routes over the next couple of weeks as drivers and students become acclimated with the new school year.

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