Stolen sunglasses adding up to thousands in Chesterfield

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CHESTERFIELD, Mo. - It’s a crime that happens almost every day in Chesterfield. A store clerk calls police to report the theft of expensive sunglasses.  The cost of all the stolen shades is adding up. Thousands and thousands of dollars worth of designer shades have been ripped off since February.

Chesterfield Police Sgt. Keith Rider showed surveillance video from the Sunglass Hut at Taubman Prestige Outlets.  He said 3 young males and a female were in the store Saturday. Police said the girl made it known the shades she liked, two of the males distracted or blocked the view of the store clerk while a third young man put the pair in his pants. Police have been swamped with cases like this.

“They’ve been very busy with it. We did a crime analysis and since February it appears we’ve had 34 separate incidents of thefts of sunglasses specifically,” said Sg.t Rider.

He said all those thefts add up to about 300 pair, none of them costing less than $150 a piece.

This past weekend, two people burglarized the Sunglass Hut at Chesterfield Mall and ripped off $6,000 in merchandize. Police have arrested one person and they said they know who the other suspect is.

“It’s not something to be swept under the rug. Stealing is stealing, whether it’s sunglasses or a car, it’s not acceptable. They’re easy to sell on the street, they’re easy to conceal, easier crime of opportunity than larger items," Sgt. Rider added.

He’s hoping other young people see the suspects’ video and give cops a call.