Prostitution busts continue in south St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS - Another prostitution bust in the Dutchtown neighborhood in south St. Louis City.

Police arrested five women and one man for prostitution on Thursday near S. Grand and Meramec.

One of the officers was working undercover in the area and during that time, those six individuals propositioned him.

About a month ago, officers set up an operation on south Broadway. In two days, they arrested six females for prostitution and six males for soliciting prostitution.

Capt. Steven Mueller said they are hitting this problem hard because it is bothering neighbors and they want to try and get these individuals off the streets and into some sort of program.

“Maybe the last time going to jail is the thing that does it, or maybe there is a resource we can connect them with and get them cleaned up and into a productive life,” said Mueller.

The individuals arrested Thursday ranged in age from 19 to 39 years old.