Rockwood School District will turn total eclipse into learning experience

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. - While many schools in the St. Louis area have canceled classes on the day of solar eclipse, the largest school district in St. Louis County will have classes on Monday.
Rockwood School District school superintendent  Dr. Eric Knost said he and his staff thought long and hard about how to handle the day of the eclipse. They plan to turn the event into an educational and historical day for all grade levels.
But if Rockwood parents want to keep their child home Monday, it will be an excused absence if a parent calls in ahead of time.
"Some parents say they just want to spend it with their children. We perfectly support that or they can come to school and they can opt out of going out to view, so they can do something inside through the internet, or they can be fully involved and we'll go outside and experience it together and it will  be a teachable moment," Knost said.
The Rockwood District has purchased safe solar eclipse glasses for all of its 22,000 students and staffers.​
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