Police believe the same suspects are behind golf cart thefts in St. Clair County

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ST. CLAIR COUNTY, IL – It’s a crime that's been getting out of hand in St. Clair County:  golf cart thefts.

Police believe the same suspects have now stolen 16 carts from two courses.

Swansea Police released surveillance video to Fox 2 & News 11 of one of two incidents over the weekend.

“I just don’t see where the fun and games are here…just coming out hear and destroying stuff on purpose,” said Scott Barkhaus of Yorktown Golf Course in Shiloh.

10 of the course’s 36 carts have been stolen in the past 2 months, he said.

6 carts were just stolen from the nearby Clinton Hill Golf Course in Swansea with 4 more damaged there, police said.

Swansea Police were called about one 1:00 Saturday morning.  Yorktown was hit again about 2 hours later.

The courses are about two miles apart.  The thieves “hot wire” the carts ditching them up to three miles away then crash them on purpose, Barkhaus said.

“Looks like they drive them until they just feel like wrecking them now to tell you the truth,” he said.  “I’m really surprised they have not gotten hurt yet.  If they try to continue on they will … just flipping carts like that…hopefully they do get caught.  This adding up to way too much money now and they deserve to be punished.”

There have been up to 4 suspects, he said.

They appeared to be white males in their late teens to early 20's.

The damage total at Yorktown alone is approaching $10,000.

If you have any information call Swansea Police or Shiloh Police.

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