Family thanks Good Samaritans for rescuing dog caught in devastating fire

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WEBSTER GROVES, MO - Fire completely engulfed their home a little over a week ago.  While everything was lost in the fire almost a week ago, on Wednesday.  A Webster Groves family sent out a big thanks to the two men they said rescued a beloved family member from the burning home.

"The cone of shame is as bad as everybody thinks it is," said Justin Miller about Milly, the family's dog.

No one was at home except for Milly when flames shot through the roof of the Millers' home.

Milly was in the back of the house, playing and running around on the deck.

"So, she probably thought something was wrong and wanted to make sure nobody was home just like anybody else would," Miller said, "and most likely got stuck on the stairs and couldn't get back down the stairs where the fire originated."

Miller said that as soon as one of his neighbors saw the fire engulfing his home, the man along with a passerby quickly ran over.

"They were able to do more than ever thought could be possible, to be able to pull her off the deck and save her," Miller said.

Miller said that Milly was in bad shape when she was taken to a local animal hospital.

"She had a lot of smoke inhalation and they had to keep her in an oxygen cage to slowly bring her back to regular oxygen levels," he said.

While Milly recovered, Miller quickly took to social media thanking the two men for their heroic efforts.

"They didn't have to do that and we just can't say thank you enough," said Miller.

He said that even though the home is a total loss, the family will rebuild.

He added that many people from the community have come forward and offered to help with Milly's medical expenses.

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