Firefighters respond to gas leak in St. Louis Hills neighborhood

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ST. LOUIS - The St. Louis Fire Department responded to a reported gas leak in a south city neighborhood Tuesday afternoon.

The gas leak occurred near the intersection of Donovan and Nottingham avenues, next to Francis Park. It was first reported around 1 p.m.

Work crews with Laclede Gas were installing new gas lines when a 12-inch gas main began leaking. Laclede crewmen used jackhammers to dig into the street to access the leak and installed a steel clamp. It's unclear when the leak will be stopped and the gas main repaired.

Meanwhile, firefighters went door-to-door to check gas levels in nearby homes and businesses.

"A fireman did come to the house and said they had a problem and they wanted to check the house for natural gas levels," said resident Al Steck. "He walked through and he said actually they want to check every 15 minutes, so he came a back a second time and there was nothing inside the house."

No evacuations were immediately announced and no injuries were reported. However, teachers at Nottingham High School were holding a meeting near the intersection; they were asked to move to a different part of the school building to continue their meeting. Classes are set to begin Wednesday at the high school.