Brazen thieves try to break into North County grocery store

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MOLINE ACRES, MO - Some bold robbers caught on camera trying to steal money and sodas out of a soda machine at the Stelmacki’s Supermarket in Moline Acres.

The brazen thieves had no idea the cameras were rolling.  Now police need your help in tracking down the suspects.

Investigators say it all unfolded around 2 am Saturday morning when the group destroyed two soda machines in front of grocery store.  To their surprise the suspects discovered the machines were just too hard to crack open.  "The store owner Nancy Weber said:  "They got away with nothing at all. They could not get in the machine.  It’s a shame that everything has to be destroyed all the time."

The   surveillance footage shows the four suspects dramatically trying to smashed the soda machine as the group takes turns for about 15 minutes throwing a large rock repeatedly.  Lt. David BoBo said "Anytime you step on someone’s property and destroy their property it’s a criminal offense, regardless of the value."

Weber says the supermarket is family owned and it was started 50-years ago, by her grandparents.  The Supermarket has been in the same location serving the community.  "Everybody in the neighborhood loves us being here. We are really grateful to everybody and to see something like this is disappointing."

This is the second time that the family market has been targeted in the last several months.  The first time the suspects tried to break through the front window of the store with concrete blocks.

The individuals did not cover their faces and police are hoping someone will recognize them and call police.  Authorities want to send a strong message to those responsible. "Just think you can take from others and remove items from stores.  At the end of the day, it's against the law." said Lt. Bobo.

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