Police searching for pair of women accused of multiple robberies

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ST. CHARLES, Mo. - It was nearly closing time at Siostra's Polish Pottery and Gifts on Main St. in St.Charles when employee Kym Fallert says two women walked in.
"They came by and I asked them if they were familiar with Polish Pottery. They said yes, they'd been in here before," said Fallert.
The women quickly selected several items, but when it came time to check out, Kym says they had to leave to get more money.
"I said I'll have it wrapped and ready for you when you get back and they left," added Fallert.
As time passed, Kym made a damning discovery.
"I was just waiting for them to come back and when I reached down to get the bag to put the stuff in, I noticed my wallet was missing out of my purse. It was underneath the counter," said Fallert.
Kym checked the store surveillance video. She said while one of the women distracted her in another room, the other woman reached behind the counter and stole her wallet out of her purse.
In the surveillance video, Kym alleges you can see the woman creep behind the counter. A different camera view reveals what Kym believes is the woman shoving her wallet into a purse. She quickly called police, but the damage was already in progress.
"On three different credit cards they spent $2,000 in 15 minutes," said Fallert.
From the Macy's at West County Mall to nearby TJ Maxx and Home Depot stores, the accused thieves quickly spent $3,500. Police said thieves also cashed an additional $1,200 fraudulent checks from Kym's account at the Central West End Bank of America.
"So far I've been in contact with detectives in Des Peres and Town and Country who are also investigating fraudulent charges made with the victims credit cards," said St.Charles Police Detective Mike Davis.
St. Charles Police Sgt. Mike Davis tells Fox 2 News the suspects in this case and a pair of similar crimes on Main St St.Charles have been identified, but are not yet in police custody. Investigators in St. Charles and Des Peres want any information the public may have on the suspects.
"I just want somebody punished for doing something wrong. They committed a crime and they're free to go ahead and live their lives and still have my money," said Fallert.
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