List of school district close for solar eclipse grows, as some plan on holding classes

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ARNOLD, MO – The Northwest School District and Fox School District are the last in Jefferson County to announce that they will be close on August 21st for the solar eclipse.

One of the main reasons Jefferson County schools are closing is the worry of a grid lock.

A study by the Great American Eclipse estimates that Fenton is the closest driving destination for 13 million people to see the solar eclipse.

Insurance companies have been contacting schools about liability issues during the event. There is expected a lot of traffic and there is a fear by administrators that kids or emergency vehicles would not be able to make it to and from school.

The Hazelwood school district is slightly out of the path of totality and they are having school that day and they had done a lot of planning.

“The biggest thing was figuring out how do we get 18,000 students outside in the most organized way, so we decided to sue the fire drill scheduled that the buildings already follow,” said Dr. Christina Hughes, Science Curriculum Coordinator for Hazelwood Schools.

The district is showing a district wide safety video about the eclipse and the importance of the glasses on Friday. They are also allowing parents to opt out of having their child view the eclipse outside. Instead they can watch it on a live stream indoors.