As hotels fill up, other options are available for those wanting to see solar eclipse

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KIMMSWICK, MO - Jeanie Capriglione is getting her Greenhouse Inn ready for her eclipse guests.

'When I put it on Airbnb it was less than 24 hours,' says Jeanie Capriglione, Greenhouse Inn Owner.  'Yeah so, we`re looking forward to meeting them.  We love to meet these people from out of town.'

More out of towners are turning to websites like Airbnb and VRBO to try and book a room for the August 21st solar eclipse.

The Kimmswick business woman placed the inn on Airbnb and the cottage was soon booked by solar eclipse watchers from Wisconsin.

'I won`t say a nightmare because that would be negative,' says Phil Stang, Kimmswick mayor.  'It`ll be a well-managed parking lot.'

That`s the concern of many who are worried highways could be jammed packed Monday the 21st.

'We`ve been told to anticipate and these are the cities up and down the path of the eclipse to expect 10,000 to 20,000 people,' says Stang.

Mayor Phil Stang, you might recognize his face from the SEEK, Solar Eclipse Experience Kimmswick t-shirts, is expecting a big crowd in the tiny town of 160 people.

Parking spaces normally used for the Apple Butter Festival are on stand-by for big crowds.

'We`ve heard anything from 300,000 to 1.2 million people are coming to St. Louis and again those are estimates,' says Anthony Paraino, Explore St. Louis.