Truckers say they’re being unfairly ticketed at Washington University construction site

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ST. LOUIS — Truckers at a busy construction site on Washington University say they're getting unfairly ticketed. City police say that they have their reasons.

Truckers are being caught as they turn left onto Brookings Drive from Skinker. More than 100 large trucks are in and out of the site daily, it is a huge project. There are flaggers helping keep everyone moving safely with the flow of traffic.

One trucker got a ticket for turning left on a red light. He says he crossed the intersection as it turned yellow, and as a flagger waved him in. He says he knows of at least 15 other truckers that have received tickets for the same issue.

St. Louis Police have released this statement:

"The concerns were that the truckers were speeding, violating the red light and endangering pedestrians. The flag person waving truckers into the site is not there to control traffic and does not exempt the truckers from adhering to the traffic signals. Anyone who violates the traffic signals will be ticketed."

FOX 2 reached out to Washington University to find out if they're trying to find other ways to improve the safety while construction in the area is ongoing. We did not hear back.

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