Smart technology helping to ease St. Charles County traffic

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ST. CHARLES, Mo. - Driving in traffic, sitting at long lights, and trying to get through intersections with quick changing lights can be frustrating. St. Charles County is helping their residents with new smart technology.

"We installed over 120 miles of fiber optic cables to 337 signals to make smart signals so they communicate to each other and back to central controls, so that they can be managed during times of evening rush hour," said John Greifzu, Assistant Director of Administration in St. Charles County.

The Gateway Green Light Project, uses blue tooth technology to see how long you're sitting at a light and the traffic volume. This can be used in any situation where heavy traffic can be helped, whether its coming out of an event or a shift change at a business.

"A human is monitoring this using that communication through cameras and devices in field to find congestion when it happens and be able to adjust signals," said Greifzu.

Eighty percent of this 10 million dollar project has come from federal grants. Twenty percent from the St. Charles County transportation tax.

"What makes us unique to other areas of region is we have a partnership working seemlessly and its creating a buzz," said Greifzu.

MODOT, the municipalities, and county are all working together so the lights work in unison as residents travel.

"There is a point in St. Charles, no matter how great a program this is, you will always be stuck in traffic because we are a growing community," said Greifzu.

A few of those areas include Mid Rivers mall drive, from Mexico to 70, Wentzville Parkway and Highway K.

To contact the county and inform them of trouble spots call 636-949-7305.

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