Muny selling Ferris Wheel for $15,000

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ST. LOUIS — Backstage at the Muny next to the bike rack, a big distraction.

"Does it have a name?" asks Patrick Clark.

"No it was made by King Amusement Rides but we`ll just name it All Shook Up," says Tracy Utzmeyers, Muny Production Manager.

This Ferris wheel, built in 1972 holds 10 adults or 15 children and recently shared center stage and the spotlight of the Muny's production of All Shook Up.

So it will spin you around and around cause it's infused with the music of Elvis Presley.

"Probably number two in interesting things we`ve done," says Utzmeyers. "I think camels are still number one. We did camels for Aladdin in 2012 and that was pretty cool."

The Muny originally wanted to rent a Ferris wheel for the second act of All Shook Up which takes place in an abandoned amusement park. But most wheels are wound up with summer engagements. So they bought one from Pennsylvania.

It has got seats that have been freshly powder coated and reupholstered. There's a new waxed axle and tires and they're asking for $15,000.

"It`s going to look amazing and it did and it looked really fun," says Utzmeyers. "We'll hopefully find someone to buy it from us. We need to sell it to make the budget meet."

Friday afternoon it was a hit backstage. But that`s the other reason they need to sell it, so they can get back to work.

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