Missouri Tax Free Holiday this weekend

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ST. LOUIS - It’s back-to-school shopping season, the moment when thousands of people go out to toss much needed school supplies into their carts.

Pencils, pens, glue, you name it; it’s all on the list and could get expensive once you get to the checkout lane.

However, like every year, Missouri Tax-Free weekend comes along and could save you a few bucks.

“Probably save about $30-40 each year, but that could be more on her school clothes and shoes,” shopper Monica Jones said.

Monica Jones daughter, Laymia, is going to a higher grade and with more classes brings a much longer school supplies list.

“Pens, pencils notebooks binders,” Jones said. “She’s going to the 7th grade this year, so its more stuff this year.”

Starting August 4, parents like Jones can say “goodbye” to Missouri’s sales tax on things like school supplies, clothes, and some electronics.

Every year, thousands of people across Missouri saves hundreds of dollars for the annual sales tax holiday.

It’s a deal – 8-year-old Brandon Brown says even someone his age couldn’t pass up.

“Some of the stuff can be expensive and some of the stuff can be cheap!” Brown said.

Brown said he looks forward to this time of year – so his mom can save money and put it into more important things - like his school lunch.

“It really helps people out who don’t have enough money to get school supplies for their kids,” he said.

Here’s a full list of counties not participating in the sales tax holiday.