FBI expert says former officer’s fatal shot was inches from suspect

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ST. LOUIS - The state said it may be done calling witnesses at the close of trial day three. It has not formally rested, but hinted that it may be done with its case.

DNA and ballistics analysis dominated today's testimony. An FBI firearm tool mark examiner out of Quantico, Virginia analyzed the service pistol of Jason Stockley. He test fired it against a jacket similar to the one Anthony Lamar Smith was wearing when he died. The FBI expert determined one of the gunshots to be less than six inches away from Smith.

The defense argued the test was conducted in pristine lab conditions and did not take into account weather conditions from that December day in 2011.

Later in day three, an internal affairs officer testified about the dash cam. He claimed he could hear Stockley say, "gonna kill this (expletive) don't you know it." He also said he immediately thought the FBI needed to be involved after he watched the dash cam video.

Defense attorney Neil Bruntrager countered saying a call to the FBI is meaningless when it comes to his clients guilt or innocence. He added that you can't hear everything Stockley is saying during the chase so it's impossible to gain proper context.

Forensic scientists also testified about how they only found Stockley's DNA on the gun police claimed was suspect Smith's. Bruntrager argued the possibility that the crime lab just didn't pick up on Smith's DNA.

Trial continues next Tuesday when it appears the defense will begin its side.