Eclipse glasses in short supply in St. Louis area

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FESTUS, Mo. – The sun rising and setting—and rising and setting—in the same day is starting to sink in with some.

“A lot of places have run out and the manufacturers aren’t taking any back,” says Theodore Mills, Archangels Books and Gifts. “So people have to judge whether they can sell through it or not and some are not reordering.”

Sales of solar eclipse glasses are starting to pick up around the region. Most are sold from $1 to $3 a pair.

In south St. Louis at Archangels Books and Gifts, it was a steady stream of customers craving solar eclipse glasses. Owners Theodore and Photini Mills have been anxiously waiting the eclipse.

“The botanical gardens on the northern edge are only get a few seconds of darkness,” says Mills. “But people close to the center line are going to get two minutes and forty seconds of darkness because it has to transverse the length of the shadow.”

At the Festus Library, if you wanted to read about the solar eclipse on the August 21, you’re in luck. But if you wanted to buy your solar eclipse glasses here.

“We were selling glasses and we are completely sold out,” says Kathy Condon-Boettcher, director of the Festus Public Library.

The library was sold out of their solar eclipse glasses, sending customers down the street to nearby Metro Office Supply.

“We have, at least on a daily basis, about 100 people coming by to buy the solar glasses,” says Birgit White, Hallmark manager Metro Office Supply.

Metro Office Supply in downtown Festus expects to sell out of their solar glasses at the rate they’ve been going daily. Festus will get two minutes, 36 seconds of darkness when the moon completely blocks out the sun.

“So here in Festus, the moon starts crossing the sun at 11:49 a.m. and that’s when you’ll want to start wearing your glasses and looking at the sun safely,” says Condon-Boettcher. “Until 1:17 that is. We know that time 1:17 is when you can take them off.”

So get your solar glasses soon, or you might get left in the dark.