Day 2 of the former officer Jason Stockley trial focuses on his behavior after the shooting

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ST. LOUIS - A current St. Louis Metropolitan Police Officer gave compelling testimony today about the actions of Jason Stockley after his 2011 shooting.  Stockley shot drug suspect Anthony Lamar Smith after a three mile police chase through city streets.

The officer was so close to the scene that he saw the crash and the shooting.  He was a rookie at the time and said he was told by a supervisor to search the vehicle.  He says he went to get evidence gloves to do that, when another Sergeant told him to do something else.  Video shows Stockley appeared to have free reign of the scene and the suspect's vehicle while as many as ten officers stood nearby.  During a play by play of the video in court, two officers described seeing Stockley go into the suspect’s car four times.  One officer acknowledged to the prosecutor he thought that was strange.

Later in day two of the trial, the state seemed to take a hit during discussion of the alleged suspect’s gun.  It’s a gun the prosecution says was planted.  The state claimed in opening statements that the gun not only had the former officer’s DNA on it, but also his old blood.  If true, that would indicate Stockley owned that gun for a while.  However, two experts from the crime lab not only said they didn’t believe it was blood, but it didn’t even pass an initial test that would indicate blood.

The blood debate however, is separate from other DNA tests, which reportedly only show the former officer’s profile on the gun in question.  That’s still a big point for the state especially since one of the crime lab experts said on the stand today, it would be unusual for one person’s DNA to completely override someone else’s after touching a gun.  He said he’d expect to see a mixture of profiles if multiple people handled the gun.

Day three of this trial continues Thursday.