Volunteers band together to cleanup St. Louis neighborhoods

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ST. LOUIS – They call it a community Clean Sweep. Better Family Life brought together hundreds of volunteers to cleanup struggling St. Louis Neighborhoods Saturday.

“We need real activity, real neighborhood engagement in our more challenged neighborhoods,” said James Clark, Better Family Life.

Volunteers grabbed rakes, trash bags and weed whackers.  They targeted homes and vacant properties in the Hamilton Heights, Pagedale and Wells Goodfellow areas.

“Everyone is beginning to see and understand that everyone has a role to play,” said Clark.

Erma McKinney lives in the area and said the effort is very much appreciated and needed.

“I think it could make a great difference because we need this area, we need it to grow,” she said.  “We need it to prosper.”

Organizes believe focusing on cleaning up a neighborhood can have a domino effect.

“New businesses can start flourishing along with new housing, new initiatives,” said Better Family Life C.E.O. Malik Ahmed.  “Citizens began to start walking and patrolling their own community.”

For more information go to: http://betterfamilylife.org/