Warrant amnesty day in St. Louis County

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CLAYTON, Mo. – Municipalities throughout the St. Louis area are breaking participation records for a warrant amnesty program, giving people a chance to wipe their slate clean.

More than 60 municipalities in the area said they’ll honor the program, which has proven life-changing for many people and families.

The warrant amnesty program is for anyone facing arrest due to unpaid traffic tickets or other misdemeanors and now child support. For many it means a new start at life, because an unpaid ticket can have a spiral out of control quickly.

Better Family Life, which organized the Amnesty Program and Legal Expo, is also offering three future days next month for people to clear their warrants and child support issues.

Wednesday, August 9 at St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley
Saturday, August 12 at St. Louis Community College-Forest Park
Wednesday, August 16 at St. Louis Community College-Forest Park