Egg tossers will be caught soon, De Soto police says

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DE SOTO, Mo. – De Soto police have a warning out for some vandals who egged nearly two dozen vehicles overnight.

Teresa Hagedorn's white Jeep is cleaned now, but when she and her husband woke up Friday morning, they noticed egg stains all along the left side of the car and broken egg shells on the ground. Most of the vandalism was reported on Second and Fourth streets on the north end of town.

Video surveillance shows four individuals purchasing 20 dozen eggs at about 11 p.m. Thursday at the Walmart in De Soto.

Police said the incident is more than just a minor incident or a prank, it's a crime. And in this heat raw egg on paint can cause damage.

"It was actually baked onto the car and he had to get a soft bristle brush to come off of there,” Hagedorn said. “The eggs on the ground were scrambled from it being so hot it was literally cooked so you can imagine what it does to our paint."

"These kids – what could be practical joke to them is a crime. It’s property damage; they could go to jail for it,” said De Soto Police Chief Rick Draper. “If they're juveniles, their parents are going to pay a fine for them when we find out who they are."

De Soto police said they’re receiving tips about who purchased the 240 eggs at Walmart last night. The chief said they won’t release the video surveillance from Walmart because the four suspects may be juveniles and their pictures can't be made public. Anyone who knows about the egg vandalism is asked to call De Soto police.