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MoDOT, AAA offer advice for car maintenance in extreme heat

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HAZELWOOD, Mo. _ As triple digit temperatures set in, drivers may find extreme heat may be just as problematic for a car as the extreme cold.

Roadside assistance crews are seeing an increase in calls for service this week. Josh Connors, AAA Fleet Supervisor in Hazelwood, said they expect to service 30-40 percent more calls over the next few days due to the dangerous heat.

According to Connors, the heat can cause tires to blow out. This is especially a concern on the interstate. He recommends drivers check the tire tread on their vehicles and make sure tires are properly inflated.

Drivers should also check coolant and reservoir levels to ensure the vehicle does not overheat. Connors said AAA drivers will respond to an increase in calls for failed batteries because of the heat.

MODOT officials encourage drivers to plan ahead and know who to call in an emergency.

MODOT and AAA recommend drivers who do experience trouble on the road should try to move the car to the shoulder or another safe place. Drivers may drive on a flat tire slowly without doing damage.

Even though it`s hot, MODOT urges drivers to stay in their car with a seatbelt on if possible. If someone is having engine trouble and the air conditioning isn`t working, the driver may get out of the vehicle but should stay at least 30 feet away from the interstate.

Drivers are encouraged to keep drinking water in the car so they can stay hydrated if they do get stranded and have to wait for help to arrive.

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